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There are so many easy ways to add fitness to your day if you put some thought and energy into it. You can easily squeeze fitness into your day by taking the stairs, walking further, and moving whenever you can. Little changes in your life add up to make a big difference. As a busy mom of three and certified trainer, there are some days I have trouble finding time for my workout, especially on a holiday when I am hosting, but I find a way to get my exercise in. Here are the easy ways to add fitness to your day too:

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Workout on Lunch Break

One of the easy ways to add fitness to your day is to exercise over your lunch break. Why waste an hour lunch break sitting eating a salad? In an hour you can get a 30 min workout, take a quick shower and then eat your salad.


Sit on a Stability Ball

Forget the comfy office chair you sit on at work every day and invest in a stability ball. If you sit on a stability ball you can focus on better posture and work your core. Using a stability ball instead of a chair is a great way to add fitness into your day!


Bike or Run to Work

Want to save on gas, energy and burn some extra calories? Then ride or bike or run to work. If you have shower facilities, you can sneak in a quick shower and you will be more alert along with more energy for the day. This is an easy way to sneak your workout in, bright and early.


Park Far Away from All Destinations

Gone are the days of driving around searching for the closest parking spot. Park farther away and speed walk to your destination. If you park farther away you will burn more calories and a little bit of fitness adds up to a lot, so get moving!


Exercise While You Watch Television

Why waste precious time watching television when you can utilize this time to work out? Start doing some leg lifts and lunges while you watch your show. Exercising while you watch television has a double benefit: you will burn calories; and avoid mindless eating while watching your favorite shows!


Break Your Workout up

Can’t seem to find 45 minutes during the day for your workout? Break up your workout into three 15 minute sessions so you can find time for your fitness. This will also help you to elevate your metabolism several times during your day. Now who doesn’t have time for a 15 minute workout?


Brush Your Teeth in a Squat Hold

Why waste any time that can be fitness time? While brushing your teeth in the morning and at night, sit in a squat hold so you can work your legs and glutes. This is an easy way to add fitness into each day. If I am on a time crunch and have had trouble exercising during the day, I always utilize the time I brush my teeth to work my legs, and you can too!

Now that you know many ways to find time for fitness, what are you waiting for? Make sure you get your workout in each day, even if it is broken up into several stages.

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I will definitely have an interesting teeth brushing routine now

I only agree with five. Foe me exercising while watching TV would be quite impossible.:) it's first time I hear about number seven. On that I'm always on sleep mode to do any exercise.

Excellent tips :)

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