7 Fitness Basics for New Exercisers ...

By Tara

If you are new to exercise you may be wondering what the fitness basics are. You know the basics to beginning exercise to help you get started, prevent injury, get a great workout and achieve great results. There are numerous ways you can work out, but if you follow my tips they will help you get started and follow the path to fitness success. With simple tips you will get the full benefits of exercise, and you can break a sweat without breaking a bone. Here are the fitness basics for new exercisers so you can get started achieving great results:

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1 Find the Right Place for Your Workout

Some people prefer to exercise outdoors, others at a gym and some exercise at home. To get the most out of your workout, find what works best for you. If you need the motivation, you can even hire a trainer. Once you find comfort, your exercise will come that much easier. This tops the fitness basics for new exercisers.

2 Set out a Schedule

Set out a fitness plan so you can have this program with your designated workout days. I recommend starting out with just two to three days as you begin your fitness training. As you get stronger you can add more days accordingly.

3 Focus on Form

To get the most out of your workout sessions, make sure you focus on proper form. It is important not to fool around while on exercise equipment because you can get seriously injured. Good form is very important in injury prevention and also to isolate the muscles you are working. So go slow and tighten the muscles you are working as you focus on proper form.

4 Start out Easy

I see people often begin a routine that is too vigorous and they go hard for several weeks, burning themselves out, and then go cold turkey. As a trainer, it is tough to see this because I want everyone to become dedicated fitness lovers. So ease into your fitness routine and after 30 days, it will become a habit and your body will begin to crave your workouts.

5 With Time Increase Your Days of Exercise

After you begin exercising for several weeks you should begin to intensify your workouts, lengthen the minutes you exercise and also add a day. As you get stronger, it will become easier.

6 Take a Rest Day

I recommend taking off just one day of exercise a week. This one day of rest will give your body time to heal since you tear your muscle fiber as you exercise. This one day of rest can provide you great benefits in seeing continued results. So put your feet up and enjoy one day of rest and relaxation!

7 Eat Clean

A lean body is made in the kitchen and a sculpted body is made by your fitness workouts. So make sure you eat clean, focusing on vegetables, whole grains and fruits, and avoiding processed foods. If you eat clean you will see the most benefits from your workouts. You can exercise endless hours but if you do not eat healthy you will not see the full benefits. Focus on eating healthy and it will all pay off!

Those tips should help you to get well on your way to great results and continued health success. So what are your fitness tips that you live by?

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