7 Killer Exercises for a Toned Back That Looks Amazing ...


I’m sure you’ve all seen those fitness magazines of women sporting their super toned backs, but perhaps you don’t know anything about the specific exercises for a toned back that you should be doing. Even if you don’t want to look like a bodybuilder, having a toned back can not only enhance your posture and strength, but also help your body support itself better during all forms of exercise. Check out my favorite back exercises for a toned back that will leave you fit, toned, and in better shape overall.

1. Pull Ups

I’m not going to lie to you girls; this is one of the hardest exercises for a toned back that you’ll be doing. In fact, I can barely do one or two pull-ups! This not only shows my back needs some serious strength-training, but also shows how little most of us work our backs in this position. Pull-ups are great for getting a toned back, because the exercise emphasizes muscles that we don’t use very often. Pull-ups tone and cinch every single inch of your back, which not only enhances the muscular appeal of your back, but it also increases your total upper body strength.

Triceps Extensions
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