7 Inspiring Reasons You Should do a Skipping Workout Today ...


7 Inspiring Reasons You Should do a Skipping Workout Today ...
7 Inspiring Reasons You Should do a Skipping Workout Today ...

Have you tried a skipping workout yet? Yep, jumping around on a rope is one of the hottest new fitness trends, and there is irrefutable science behind this new trend. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried it before, or if the last time you skipped you were calling out crazy songs on the playground – read through these inspiring reasons to try a skipping workout, and grab a rope. You’ll be glad you did!

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The Calorie Burn is Incredible…

One of the top reasons you should add a skipping workout to your regime is the amazing calorie burn. If you can manage ten minutes of skipping, you’ve burnt the same amount of calories as if you’d run a mile in eight minutes. Wow. An hour of skipping will burn around 1,300 calories, if you think you can keep going!


It’s Good for Your Heart…

We are always being told how important it is to keep an eye on our heart health, and try to cut out bad fats and get plenty of exercise. With a sedentary, junk-f00d-loaded lifestyle, it’s no wonder that heart issues come to light much sooner than expected! Skipping for ten minutes has the same heart benefits as a 45-minute run, so it’s a quick and fun way to keep your heart in shape.


It Works Everywhere…

Skipping uses your abdominal muscles for stability, your core for balance, your legs for jumping, and your shoulders and arms for turning the rope. That means most of your body gets a good workout, and you don’t need to team it with any pesky crunches.


It’s Ideal for Everyone…

Worried about the impact skipping could have on your joints? Don’t be. Extensive studies by the British Rope Skipping Association found that skipping causes less jolting on the joints than running, which makes it ideal for people who suffer with joint problems, too.


It’s Free…

Once you’ve bought a skipping rope, you don’t need anything else. Skipping ropes are pretty cheap, too – they go for cents on eBay, or you can spend $50 for a top-of-the-range weighted model on Amazon. If you want to get started right away, check out your local sports shops and try bartering to get an incredible deal.


It Boosts Flexibility and Bone Density…

Have you read the horror stories about young women and bone density? It seems dieting for long periods, even on-off diets, has had a drastic effect on our bone health, and more women than ever are being diagnosed with poor bone density and osteoporosis. That can be really painful, and makes breaking your bones really easy! Luckily, skipping improves bone density as it is a weight bearing exercise. If you do it regularly, it’ll boost your muscles and improve your general flexibility, too.


You’ll See Results…

It won’t take long for a skipping workout to really change your body. If you commit to skipping on a regular basis, skipping improves muscle tone in the lower and upper body, and as you can set your own pace, it’s ideal for all skill levels. Don’t think you need to be super-flexible or super-fit to get started! With the boosts to your muscles, bones and heart, and the lower blood pressure, you’ll soon see and feel the difference.

That’s not all that a skipping workout can do, either. Studies have suggested that skipping can improve your coordination and balance, too. It’s no wonder Katy Perry loves skipping so much! Grab yourself a cheap rope and give it a go. And if you’ve got any skipping tips, I’d love to hear them!

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Hi. I have been skipping since last November and have lost more than 13 kilograms. I feel great! It is so easy and I do it right in my bedroom every morning. Everyone should try skipping....it is fantastic!

i had a c section 7 months ago..should i try skipping now?

is if okay to skip bear-foot?... cause i dnt have proper joggers.. :\ and anybdy knws a good warm up before skipping? cause legs muscles really get crampy..

You really feel all over how much your body is used from skipping! It's soo worth it, i'm gonna try do some after work tomorrow.. Been a while!

I will be buying a skipping rope! (:

Does it kill your knees as I run and have problem with my knees.

I'm definitely going to try this!!

Thanks for this info:)

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