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You may think your home workout is not as effective as going to the gym because you don’t have any equipment. You don’t however, need to invest in fancy weights, rowing machines, ellipticals and treadmills because there are items around the home that you can use when you work out.

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The Wall

A wall is something that literally everybody is going to have in their home; you have at least four per room! Pick a wall with some space around it, and use it balance your upper back against whilst lowering yourself to an imaginary 90 degree sitting position. Hold this position for 45 to 60 seconds and you will start to feel the burn in your abs, legs and core. The burn can only mean one thing - good exercise is being performed!


Soup Cans

Soup cans are pretty much perfectly sized for being mini hand weights around the house. To add a little something extra to your usual routine, pop in your favorite exercise DVD and do everything as normal with the addition of holding a soup can in each hand. Your arms will be grateful for the extra workout!


Bath Towel

One of the best household items you can use to work out is the humble bath towel. I’m not just talking about something that will help to dab off the sweat. A bath towel can actually be really helpful assistance with all of your stretches. You can use a towel to hook around your feet when doing something like a seated hamstring stretch; the extra room for maneuver allows you to complete the exercise without posing a danger of injury to your body.



A good solid household dining chair is the perfect accessory for a number of different forms of exercise that you can do at home. You can invent a simple floor circuit using the chair to achieve different positions: for example, toe taps, triceps dips, planks and mountain climbers. Doing each of these exercises for 40 seconds and repeating the circuit four of five times will give a home workout that can rival any gym routine!


Bags of Rice

Not only is rice a healthy food option, it can also help in a home based workout! No matter what kind of exercise you like to do at home, add a couple of rice bags to the mix and you have an immediate addition of weights to help tone your arms and build up your strength. Another great tip is to do sit-stand-sit squats on to a couch while holding a rice bag; it will force you to use your leg strength instead of your momentum.



Make the most of all of those heavy hardbacks you have lying around by creating a solid step against a wall to do a series of elevated lunges. It’s a simple but effective form of exercise that really works your leg strength and your stamina. There is no need to invest in a special workout step when you can just as easily secure a few encyclopedias together and achieve the exact same results!


Laundry Detergent

They might make those bottles of laundry detergent so big to give you value for money, but another great use for these bulky household items is that you have an immediate makeshift kettlebell to use! If you become too adept at lifting them with just detergent inside, then get creative with some soil from your garden or some sand to help weigh them down even further.

The other thing to remember about this is that with access to these simple items, you can squeeze workouts in at home when you’re short on time and can’t make it to the gym.

Do you already use household items when you work out? What are they?

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dang! these are awesome tips!

I love this article! I never thought of using books as a step.

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