Gym Bag Essentials to Make You Feel Fabulous While Getting Fit ...


You can't dress up when you go to the gym, but you can still feel fabulous while you're there. Even once your workout is over and you're sweating through your clothes, you can make yourself up to be beautiful. All it takes is the right equipment. Here are some gym bag essentials that'll make you feel fabulous while getting fit:

1. Facial Wipes

After a good workout, you're going to be sweaty. That's why you need to bring along some face wipes so that you can clean off your cheeks and forehead. If you let the sweat stay on there, it could cause you to develop unwanted acne. You can even run the facial wipes along your arms and stomach if you're feeling extra sweaty and unattractive. Of course, for good measure, you should also bring along hand sanitizer, because you don't want any of those gym germs to stick to you all day. It's better to be safe than sick.

Dry Shampoo
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