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Sticking to at-home workouts can be difficult. I know this from experience. I have tried just about every type of workout that you can do from home and I still find it difficult to stick to a plan for an extended period of time. I have recently found a few tips that have been helping me stick to at-home workouts and I wanted to share them with you.

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Schedule It

When you're busy, it may be difficult to find time to work out. Thefore, scheduling a workout into your day may work best for you. When you do this it's important to find a time that works around your other obligations. Some people find that they like doing at-home workouts first thing in the morning. Others find that they need to work out out at night. If you are unsure what time is best for you, try exercising at different times until you find one that works for you.


Find Something You Enjoy

A workout that works for your sister or best friend may not be the right workout for you. I have a friend who loves P90X. This workout is great for her, but it doesn't work for me. Perhaps you enjoy doing workout DVDs or maybe you prefer to head outside for a walk. Some people find it easier to stick to at-home workouts when they vary their routines.


Don't Overdo It

If you haven't exercised in awhile, try to start slow. Once you build up your tolerance, you can increase the length and intensity of your workouts. If you overdo it, you may be tempted to quit exercising. Some people also try to work out twice per day to get in shape quicker, but that may not be a good thing. This may cause you to become exhausted and extremely moody.


Find a Workout Buddy

While exercising with someone is not for everyone, some people prefer it. Having a workout buddy is a great way to keep both of you motivated. It can be fun. A workout buddy will also provide you with support in tough times. If you find that you're not getting the results you want as quickly as you may have planned, they can help you stay on track.


Get Prepared

A lot of people like to prepare their clothes for work and school in advance. Perhaps you could start preparing for your workouts in advance, as well. You could even get out any equipment or videos that you plan to use. Once I read an article about a woman who slept in her workout clothes. This gave her the extra motivation to work out as soon as she woke up.


Eat Healthy

Any time that you are doing workouts, it's essential to make sure that you eat healthy too. If you're trying to lose weight, you should never cut your calories too drastically. This could prevent your body from getting the nutrients that it needs. Some people also need to eat an additional snack when they work out.


Stay Hydrated

Even though we hear it over and over, we all need to stay hydrated. One great way to achieve this is by drinking water. Most people need to increase their daily water intake to accommodate their workout routine. It's always good to have water on hand while you exercise, too. If you do a rigorous workout, you may also need to include a sports drink.

I hope some of these tips that I use to stay motivated to do at-home works work for you. Do you have any at-home workout tips that you would like to share with me? I can't wait to hear them.

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