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Give These 25 Useful Gifts to Anyone Athletic ...

By Olga

With athleisure being a huge trend, it's never been easier to find fashionable and functional gifts for the fitness fanatics in your life. Take a look at these useful gifts for the athletic person in your life.

1 Allegra K Men's Casual Side Pockets Straight Pants, Light Gray

Allegra K Men's Casual Side Pockets Straight Pants, Light GrayBy uxcell $12 on Amazon
OK, so the description says these pants are for men, but I could totally picture myself doing some cardio and then lounging post-workout in these babies.

2 Webbed Power Gloves

Webbed Power GlovesBy Darkfin $26 on Amazon
Hardcore power gloves for the surfer, diver, or water exerciser.

3 Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep WristbandBy Fitbit $87 on Amazon
Fitness and sleep trackers can help you make sure you stay on top of your steps and your sleep.

4 Dual 1500W Electric Skateboard

Dual 1500W Electric SkateboardBy Boosted $1300 on Amazon
Sure, it's pricey, but imagine getting a badass electric skateboard as a gift!

5 Drift Balance Board

Drift Balance BoardBy Quirky $175 on Amazon
This balance board is the perfect way to simulate a range of action sports without having to book an expensive trip!

6 Nike+ FuelBand

Nike+ FuelBandBy Nike $165 on Amazon
This activity tracker looks cool and helps keep you motivated to achieve your goals each day.

7 Exercise Hydration Mix, Lemons & Limes

Exercise Hydration Mix, Lemons & LimesBy Skratch Labs $19 on Amazon
If you know someone who needs to up their intake of water, this drink mix makes staying hydrated tasty and easy.

8 Black Mat PRO 71-Inch Yoga and Pilates Mat

Black Mat PRO 71-Inch Yoga and Pilates MatBy Manduka $100 on Amazon
You get a cheapo yoga mat just about anywhere, but if you want one that's durable and comfortably cushions, there's nothing quite like a Manduka mat.

9 Classic 70 Oz Hydration Pack

Classic 70 Oz Hydration PackBy CamelBak $97 on Amazon
Hydration packs make a fab gift for hikers, campers, and even music festival goers.


ORU KAYAKBy Oru Kayak $1280 on Amazon
Some of the standout features of this kayak is its single seam design, easy assembly in the water, and comfy foam seat, back and foot rests.

11 Core

CoreBy Suunto $275 on Amazon
Think of this as a computer for your wrist. This fitness watch features an altimeter, barometer, compass, and weather indicator.

12 Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTomBy Nike $220 on Amazon
A great tool for someone trying to take their fitness to another level. This compact personal trainer and tracker ensures you're always on top of your game.

13 Adventurer Opti Water Purifier

Adventurer Opti Water PurifierBy SteriPen $85 on Amazon
A must-have for any serious hiker or camper. This compact water purifier destroys over 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses and protozoa, like Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

14 Inflatable 10' 10" SUP Stand up Paddle Board W/ 3PC Paddle

Inflatable 10' 10" SUP Stand up Paddle Board W/ 3PC PaddleBy Aqua Marina $390 on Amazon
Stand-up paddle boarding is having a moment so if you know someone deserving of this portable and durable board, get this right away!

15 Big ZipTM SL 3.0L

Big ZipTM SL 3.0LBy Platypus $35 on Amazon
Hands-free hydration for those long, hard hikes.

16 Recycled Foam Block

Recycled Foam BlockBy Manduka $20 on Amazon
Foam blocks are great for support and now you can get one made of recycled materials, it doesn't get much better than that!

17 Mikasa Squish No-Sting Pillow Cover Volleyball

Mikasa Squish No-Sting Pillow Cover VolleyballBy Mikasa Sports $15 on Amazon
A user-friendly cover that reduces the sting when striking the ball.

18 Vapor Wrap 2L Hydration Pack

Vapor Wrap 2L Hydration PackBy NATHAN $200 on Amazon
A fantastic hydration pack with added room for your keys, phone, or snacks.

19 One Wireless Activity plus Sleep Tracker, Black

One Wireless Activity plus Sleep Tracker, BlackBy Fitbit $90 on Amazon
So much more than your average pedometer. This fitbit tracks how long and well you slept as well as automatically syncing to your smartphone or computer, and you can set goals, and view your progress.

20 Digital Tracking System

Digital Tracking SystemBy Game Golf $125 on Amazon
Game Golf's tracking system is a golfer's BFF. This device tracks shot dispersion and tendencies as well as recording your stats, and you can compete in virtual challenges.

21 Reactor 3/2mm Full Suit

Reactor 3/2mm Full SuitBy O'Neill Wetsuits $90 on Amazon
This wetsuit was designed for enhanced range of motion, added protection in the knees, and an adjustable feature in the neck for optimal comfort.

22 Mens Arsenal Snowboard Bindings Lime LXL

Mens Arsenal Snowboard Bindings Lime LXLBy Rome $120 on Amazon
I think we can all agree that snowboarding gear can get pretty expensive. Gift your favorite snowboarder these bindings that provide power and flex for the ultimate ride.

23 Squadra Sport Sunglasses, Black Frame/Grey Lens, One Size

Squadra Sport Sunglasses, Black Frame/Grey Lens, One SizeBy TAG Heuer $345 on Amazon
When you're serious about sports, not just any old pair of sunglasses will do. This pair of sunglasses was designed to be lightweight, sturdy, and comfy.

24 Swim Watch with Garmin Connect

Swim Watch with Garmin ConnectBy Garmin $150 on Amazon
Track distance, stroke count, pool lengths and more with Garmin's intuitive and intelligent swim watch.

25 R4 Front Zip Hooded Full Wetsuit

R4 Front Zip Hooded Full WetsuitBy Patagonia $935 on Amazon
Tackle frigid waters with this high quality neoprene wetsuit designed for maximum performance and easy entry.

These sporty gifts can help anyone stay motivated and improve their performance. What a thoughtful way to show someone you care!

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