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There are certain exercises you should be doing more of because this will help you to see better results. Exercises like the plank, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, high jumps, pushups and chin ups are all ultra- effective exercises because of the large amount of muscles you target. If you want to increase your fitness results and get in better shape, make sure you include these exercises. These are all the fitness exercises you should be doing more of and here are the reasons why:

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The plank exercise is the first on my list because this exercise works your total core. If you want lean abs, a stronger back and slimmer oblique, make sure you include this exercise in your workout program. To perform the plank, get in pushup position by resting on your forearms with your body in a straight line from head to toe and hold this position for one minute. As you get stronger you can build up to several minutes. The plank is one of the fitness exercises you should be doing more because it is just that good for your body.



Want to strengthen and tone your legs and butt in a super-effective way? Then make sure you include squats in your fitness regime. Squats will strengthen and sculpt your butt, hamstrings and quadriceps. If you want to burn more calories when doing this exercises add a little jump by performing a jump squat.



Similar to squats, lunges target the butt quadriceps and hamstrings, however when you perform a lunge, you isolate each leg individually, making this a more effective exercise. You should perform this exercise for 2 sets of 18 each leg, two days a week for optimum results.


Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a great cardio exercise that are easy to perform and great because they work your total body. To increase the intensity of your jumping jacks you should try to perform them continually for 15 minutes or even speed up how quickly you do them.


High Jumps

Jumping is for both the kids and the kids at heart because this is a great way to burn calories and target your stomach. To increase the intensity of your fitness program try performing high jumps. To perform a high jump getting in a squat position with your legs in a 90 degree bend and then jump up into the air, then lower your body back down. This exercise will help rev up your metabolic rate because of its high intensity.


Push Ups

With so many push up variations, which one should I be doing? Well, really you should be doing them all, but as long as you are doing some form of a push up, you are good to go. From diamonds to wide arm push ups, you can work your back, chest muscles, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs when performing a push up. So what are you waiting for, get going on getting your push ups in for the day and challenge yourself to greater results.


Chin Ups

Chin ups are one of the most challenging exercises because you are lifting your total body and utilizing your core muscles. This exercise will strengthen your lats, biceps and core. Using an open grip and palms facing chest, lift up your body. I often do these right at the playground or you can pick up an inexpensive chin up bar to hang in your doorway. This is an exercise that every fitness enthusiast should include in their training because it works amazingly!

Hope you have enjoyed my list of the fitness exercises you should be doing more of. And I hope this helps you to meet your goals. Because if we are not working towards achieving our fitness goals why else would we work so hard, right? So tell me, what are you favorite fitness exercises and why? Here’s to a great year of continued health and fitness success! Make each day even better than the last by getting a great workout in!

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You are the best!!!!

Very helpful.

I would love to find time to do that .. :(

As soon as I have my son I will be doing these. I need to get back into shape. Was never a big fan of the gym. Always have done the same exercises From high school soccer. Always worked but who knows after have kids. I also like sprinting then a walk then sprinting again.

A quick tip of doing squats: do 30 (and increase by 10 everyday) while you brush your teeth or before you jump shower.

Wall squats are great, and even if you can't do push ups right away, try wall push ups!! They are great!!!


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