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As a certified trainer for over a decade, I want to share with you the things your trainer wants you to feel. After training thousands of clients and working to ingrain belief, positivity and passion in them, I am here to share this with you. If you embody certain elements you will find yourself more successful in your workouts, work, relationships and life. I bet you are wondering what elements this may be. Elements like perseverance, believing and much more can make the difference between achieving and giving up. there are certain things you need to feel in order to achieve success. So what are these things your trainer wants you to feel?

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If you have passion and show how much you care in your exercise workouts, it will be evident. You will focus on the proper form and have the drive to push to the next level. Even if your form is not perfect, with passion you will have the drive and determination to strive for perfection when performing your exercises. If you find yourself struggling as you get down to do a pushup, passion is the difference between giving up and going on. Passion is one of the ways you will become your trainer’s favorite client because they will be so proud. Passion is one of the things your trainer wants you to feel.


Knowing It Will Take Work

How great would it be if we could punch our goals into a computer and without moving a bone or muscle, results are achieved! Sounds great but it is not reality. In fitness you have to work hard to achieve great results. Your trainer wants you to know that anything good in life is well worth the work, so get working.


I Have No Excuses

The worst thing for your trainer to hear is “I can’t” when they know “you can.” Your trainer wants you to feel accountability and have no excuses in getting your workouts in. They know that you are capable of getting your workouts in and doing it strong.



Your trainer wants you to believe in yourself; even when at your lowest points of life, you can always go on. And if you get down, you can get up and keep trying. There is no fitness goal you cannot meet, but just believe and work your butt off so you can reach these achievements.



There is no greater feeling then seeing your client show the dedication to their fitness and health in your sessions and on their own. If your client begins to show pure dedication, as a trainer you feel like you made an impact.



As your trainer works your body hard with new exercises, new goals and greater repetitions, it is normal to be sore. In fact if you are not sore most often, your trainer will push you harder. As your trainer switches up your workouts, soreness is to be expected.



Despite difficulty or even if it seems like it is taking forever for you to meet your goal, you persevere. Your trainer wants you to stick with it no matter how hard and persevere to every fitness and health achievement. Do you have what it takes to keep going?

Now that you know what your trainer wants you to feel, tell me, what do you feel when you work out? Do you work hard to achieve fitness and health success?

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