9 Easy Ways to Sneak in Exercise during the Day ...

Are you looking for some easy ways to sneak in exercise during the day? For some of us, carving out a half hour or full hour to exercise isnโ€™t always feasible. I totally get that and I have those days, too! Lucky for us, we really donโ€™t need an extended period of time each day in order to get in some exercise! There are lots of moves and exercises you can do that are simple and quick while you go about your daily activities. Try out some of these easy and effective ways to sneak in exercise and get more out of your day!

1. Tummy Toner

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One of the best ways to sneak in exercise pretty much any time of the day is to work out your abdominal muscles! All you have to do is engage your abdominal muscles while youโ€™re sitting or walking around throughout the day to strengthen your abs! Iโ€™m sure you can think of many instances where youโ€™re waiting for someone or something, and now you can tone your tummy at the same time!

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