Hand Exercises for Ladies Who Spend Too Much Time on a Keyboard ...


Hand Exercises for Ladies Who Spend Too Much Time  on a Keyboard  ...
Hand Exercises for Ladies Who Spend Too Much Time  on a Keyboard  ...

We all know how unhealthy it is for our eyes to stare at a screen all day, but do you ever think about how dangerous it is to type on a keyboard all day? You don't want to end up with any health problems from technology. That's why you should try doing these exercises that will benefit your hands and wrists:

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Reverse Seated Wrist Curls

This exercise requires some equipment. You need to grab a straight bar with both hands while resting your wrists against your knees. Then you're going to raise and lower them as far as you can. It seems simple, but it can really help your hands and wrists in the long run.


Wrist Extensions

Wrist extensions are similar to reverse seated wrist curls, except you're going to be working out one arm at a time. Plus, you're going to be resting your hand on a table as opposed to against your own legs. All you have to do is move your wrist up and down while holding a weight. The size of that weight depends on what you're capable of. You want to challenge yourself, but you don't want to strain yourself.


Basic Wrist Stretches

You can stretch your wrists, just like you can stretch any other area of your body. This video will show you a few different wrist stretches that you should do while you watch. None of them require any equipment, so you don't have any excuse to avoid doing them.


Wrist Squeezer Exercises

If you buy a wrist squeezer, all you have to do is hold it in your hand and squeeze it a few times. Not only will it increase your wrist strength, but it can also increase your forearm strength. This is a great workout to do, because it's mindless. You can do it for an hour while watching TV.


Rubber Band Finger Exercises

This exercise will strengthen your wrists and fingers. All you need is a loose rubber band that you're going to place between your fingers. The exercise looks a little complicated, but if you watch the tutorial while doing it, you'll get the hang of it quickly.


Wrist Stretches to Ease Pain

This video will show you a series of wrist and forearm exercises that you're going to need to get on the floor to do. Just make sure that you have a yoga mat or another comfortable surface to use, so that you don't hurt yourself. If you spend hours on the computer, then it's important to use these exercises to keep your muscles strong and sturdy.


Wrist Massage

This last exercise is more of a massage for your hands and wrists than a workout for them. All you're going to need is some oil to rub on your skin and a towel to keep your furniture from getting dirty. Once you place a teaspoon on your skin, you're going to start massaging those hands.

It's impossible to avoid typing. You need to do it in order to email your friends, to apply for jobs, and write essays for class. That's why all of us could benefit from these hand and wrist exercises. Do you know of any other exercises that can help our bodies?

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