Kickass Tips for Girls Who Suffer from the Bloat after Meals 🍴😬 ...


If you want to banish bloating without feeling deprived, you need to focus on your eating and exercise habits. No big deal, right?! Did you know that certain foods bloat you more than others? So you may just want to avoid these foods entirely. Most people complain dairy and soy cause them to bloat so you may want to ditch these bloating food groups entirely. Whatever you do, find what works for you and your body. Follow my tips to banish the bloat while also keeping youself satisfied and feeling alive!

1. Sweat It out

If you tend to hold water every time you have food with sodium, you may notice you are bloating! Before you turn on your soap opera series, lie down and call it a day, combat this bloat. A simple exercise sweat session can help you to combat this bloating and just feel better. So sweat it out with a 45-minute to 1-hour workout. Push your body to achieve the super results that you deserve!

Drink Plenty of Water