7 Cardio Workout Ideas That Won't Shred Your Knees in the Long Run ...


It’s important to get some cardio exercise for your heart health, as well as the rest of your body. Strength training is good but you need to get your heart rate elevated during some of your workouts and that means cardio. But when you have knees that bother you, it can be difficult. Or you may be trying to prevent future knee problems which is a good idea. Either way, these’re 7 cardio workout ideas that won’t shred your knees.

1. Water Aerobics is Easier on All Your Joints, Knees Included

Water aerobics is a great choice for cardio when you’re guarding your knees. You can still get your heart pumping without putting pressure and strain on your knees. The pool is a wonderful place for a workout. It makes your body feel lightweight which is great when you’re trying to stop the jarring sensations many cardio options cause. Additionally, you’ll love the relaxing feeling working out in the pool gives you.

Use the Pool for It’s Original Purpose of Swimming
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