Every Exercise You Need to Get a Celebrity Physique ...


Do you want to know the exercises to look like a celebrity? Celebs get paid tons of money to look and feel their best, so they have to work hard on their bodies to maintain this. And although celebs look like they spend their lifetime exercising, most do not spend more than an hour daily. They just know the best exercises because they have their personal trainer with them regularly carving out the best workout program. But for the everyday person, here are the exercises to look like a celebrity because you deserve to look and feel your best!

1. Jumping Lunge

Lower your left leg to 90 degrees into a lunging position and jump explosively. Switch your leg positions, then repeat on the right side. Perform for 18 repetitions. This is one of the best exercises to look like a celebrity. The jump lunge works your legs and abs to help you achieve your best body!

Jump Squat
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