7 Arm Exercises for Looking Flawless in Tank Tops ...


Summer has arrived, which means you’re probably pulling out all of your warm weather clothing. Are you realizing that you should have been working out a little harder while it was cold? Me too! Well, it’s not too late. Start doing these arm moves two or three times each week and you’ll be ready for those tank tops in no time. Increase the weight and the reps as you get stronger and build your endurance.

1. Dumbbell Curl

This move is great for building and toning your biceps, those muscles on top of your arms that you see when you flex. This move is fairly easy and is a great one to get started with. Start with five pound dumbbells and do 12 repetitions. Grasp a dumbbell in each hand, standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Raise the dumbbell until your elbow is bent and the weights are up near your shoulder. Lower to the starting position to finish one rep.

Push-up on a Ball
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