Exercises Using Resistance Bands for Girls 🏋️ Who Want to Get Fitter 💪 Faster 💨 ...


Have you tried exercises with resistance bands?

If you don’t want to exercise with weights but are looking for ways to add more challenge or take your workout to another level, use resistance bands.

They’re a good piece of equipment because they’re small enough to keep in your gym bag or drawer at home, can be used anywhere and by simply lengthening or shortening the band, it gives you varying levels of resistance.

There are also lots of exercises using resistance bands so you’re bound to find plenty to suit.

1. Bicep Curls

Take your bicep curls to the next level by adding in resistance bands.

You follow the same technique as if you are doing bicep curls with free weights, just using the resistance bands instead.

You can adjust the bands when you want to push yourself harder.

This is one of the best resistance band exercises for arms.

2. Lunge with Bicep Curls

Adding a lunge to your bicep curls is a way of adding extra challenge and is great for strengthening and toning your body.

This compound move can be done in various ways.

The video shows you how to step backward into a lunge but you can also start from a lunge stepping forward and then doing the curl.

3. Pelvic Push

For this, you need to be in the bridge position with the band across the hips and a handle in each hand.

You’ll feel the burn and you lift your bottom from the floor while keeping your hands on the floor.

4. Seated Row

Want to work those upper back muscles for a toned back and more defined shoulders and upper arms?

Then grab your resistance bands for some seated rowing.

You’ll feel your shoulder blades squeeze together

5. Hip Abduction

This looks like one of the easiest exercises using resistor bands but you can make it fit your level by shortening the length of the band to make a greater resistance.

Anchor one end of the band to a doorway or chair leg and perform the exercise to strengthen the hip abductors in the outside of the joints.

Be sure to do on both legs.

Curl Bicep with Cross Resistance Bands
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