Work out with Your Friends and Actually Have Fun Doing It!


Sometimes you need some girl power to get you up, motivated to stick to your workouts, especially if you are not used to working out. So grab your besties and try out these great workouts. These exercises are all a lot of fun and if you push yourself, they can challenge you to help you get super fit and fab in no time. Put on your workout outfit, follow these videos and get your sweat on!

1. Hula Hooping

Okay, maybe it has been quite a few years since you last did some hula hooping but do not be discouraged; you can always jump back in. Grab some friends and get together to do some hula hooping and have fun! Tighten your core and work your body to something more! You are only as strong as what you put into a workout so give it all you got. Shake your hips and have a blast!

Jumping Rope
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