Work out in Style by Wearing These Sports Bras in 2016 ...

A good sports bra is your best friend when you're working out. It will give you the support you need and can also look stylish at the same time. Sports bras do need to be replaced now and then because they wear out and break down with use and when you wash them. In the market for some new ones for 2016? Here are some great options that will totally revolutionize your workout.

1. Titika Active Mitchell Bra

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This sports bra holds things in place and lets you look good while you exercise.

2. Dsquared2 Bra

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This one is a bit of a splurge, but you definitely get what you pay for.

3. Nike Pro

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When it comes to brands, you can never go wrong with a sports bra from Nike.

4. Calvin Klein Classic

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Of course, anything from Calvin Klein is great too.

5. Nike Victory

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This one comes in a couple of colors and is machine washable.

6. Victoria's Secret Padded Sports Bra

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This one gives you tons of support and lets you look good while you exercise. Perfect!

7. Eighty One Enterprise

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You want this one, don't you? The colors are great!

8. Sweaty Betty

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If you want a cute sports bra that you don't have to cover up, this is the one for you.

9. Adidas Infinite Series

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I love the look of this one, don't you?

10. Victoria's Secret Angel

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Always wanted to be an angel? Now you can!

11. Totally Padded Striders Edge

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When you need a lightweight, but padded sports bra, this is the one to buy.

12. New Balance the Tenderly

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Great support and a really fun color make this a great sports bra for your workouts.

13. Racerback and Fun Colors

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If you prefer a racerback sports bra, this one totally delivers.

14. Colored Band

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You'll never be bored when you wear this fun sports bra.

15. How about Some Polka Dots

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Isn't this fun?

16. Tons of Support

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Not only do you get loads of support with this sports bra, but you also get a fantastic pink color.

17. Shockingly Unshocking

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Here's one that looks too good to cover up with clothes.

18. Lucas Hugh Paragon

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Isn't this one fabulous?

19. Patagonia Strappy Bra

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If comfort is what you crave, this sports bra will totally deliver.

20. 80s Inspired

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Isn't this a fantastic 80s look? Would you wear it?

21. Live the Process

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This one might be my favorite?

Which one tops your list of must haves? What's your favorite way to exercise?

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