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Plenty of people can benefit from exercises for a flat belly you can do in a chair. Many women are required to be at a desk every day or night. The time they do have free is usually required for children, husbands, cooking, chores etc., making exercise kind-of impossible.

I found this video on YouTube that makes so much sense. Take a peek at these exercises for a flat belly you can do in a chair, then we'll talk.

Bright Side

Published on September 29, 2017

How was it? Good, huh? Nothing too extreme.

First off, do you wear flats or heels? If you wear heels, make sure you keep a pair of gym shoes or flats under your desk.

Do you wear pants, skirts or dresses? Do you have a chair with rollers? Do you have arm rests? Let me explain:

1. Knee to Chair Lift

You can do in heels, but not in a skirt or dress.

Double Knee Lift
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