7 Undeniable Benefits of Exercising in a Group Fitness Classes ...


As a bootcamp fitness instructor and personal trainer for over a decade, I am fully aware from firsthand experience of the benefits of group fitness classes. Clients achieve greater results and work harder in a group setting due to instructor support and supportive class members. There is continued research that supports this and for this reason most gym fitness classes are packed, without a dry body in the room. To understand further, read the benefits of group fitness classes:

1. You Are Not Alone

One of the best benefits of exercising in a group is that you are not alone. When an instructor has you doing a squat hold for several minutes, you can look to the fellow members felling the pain also. You can push each other while you are led by a professional. The “you are not alone” mentality is helpful in staying motivated and one of the most undeniable benefits of group fitness classes.

Meet New Friends
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