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There are so many Instagram accounts that'll make you want to practice yoga. It's awesome because these Instagram users are constantly posting photos that will blow your mind. Yoga is definitely something everyone should take up. I just started doing hot yoga and it's quickly become one of my favorite weekend activities. There's just a calmness you feel afterwards that's unlike anything else! If you're looking for some inspiration to start, check out these Instagram accounts that'll make you want to practice yoga, starting now.

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@gypsetgoddess This user posts some of the most beautiful photos! She's got close to 200,000 followers and is definitely worth checking out. The backdrop for her photos are beautiful beaches and it'll bring you peace just by looking at them. It's definitely one of the great Instagram accounts that'll make you want to practice yoga!



@yogabeyond This Instagram account is simply awesome. Honza and Claudine are a couple that practice "acroyoga", a combination of acrobatics and yoga done in pairs. These two are constantly posting incredible photos and videos! They'll seriously leave you in awe with some of their poses. Who knew it was possible to be THAT flexible?! This account has close to 200,000 followers and is becoming more and more popular each day. Check them out!



@patrickbeach If you want to stare at yoga pictures while simultaneously staring at a handsome man, @patrickbeach is who you need to follow. He's got close to 200,000 followers and is always posting awesome photos. He'll definitely leave you impressed.



@yoga_girl Rachel Brathen, aka @yoga_girl, is my favorite yogi to follow on Instagram. She's constantly posting photos of her international trips where she hosts incredible yoga workshops. She also posts photos of her daily island-life in beautiful Aruba. She actually started #yogaeverydamnday, which became the second most popular yoga hashtag after #yoga. Pretty cool, right? She's got over 600,000 followers!



@laurasykora This is another of my favorite accounts. She's nearing 1 million followers (she has close to 800,000 at the moment). She's actually the most followed yoga-related account! She uses the platform to mix her two passions: yoga and photography. She uses her backyard as the backdrop for majority of her photos which is awesome. She's even got photos where her children make cameos. It's the cutest thing!



@beachyogagirl This user posts photos practicing yoga on, you guessed it, the beach. She's got close to 400,000 followers and has an account worth following. Seeing all those photos make me wish I live close enough to a beach to do the same thing. Meditating on the beach - how relaxing does that sound? Plus, the backdrop always makes for the most amazing photos.



@fitqueenirene I'm always insanely impressed by Irene's flexibility! Her photos seriously leave me in awe! She has close to 300,000 followers and she's constantly posting insta-videos to show off the latest pose that she's accomplished. I have no doubt that browsing her photos will make you want to start practicing yoga!

Well, there you have it! There are so many incredible Instagram accounts that are jam packed with photos that'll inspire you to take up yoga. Which accounts do you love to follow? Of the list, which Instagram account has inspired you the most?

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@supermodelmomma1 is a great inspiration to me

Actually a lot of them which sometimes makes yoga overrated! But I'm not saying yoga is bad just the ig accounts

I like to follow @cbquality. Check her out. She's amazing.

so funny that I already follow all of these kinoyoga is also a good one

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