Things You Should 👍🏼 do before Every Workout 💪🏼 ...


So you are ready to get your fit on and get in your best shape? That is great! But are you really ready? There is a certain amount of physical and mental preparation that you have to go through to be fully prepped for your best workout. It is more than just moving your body. You need to be focused and have your head in the game if you want to achieve the best results! And I can tell you as a certified trainer for well over a decade, the clients that achieve the best results are fully prepped. So here is how you prepare and get your best workout!

1. Listen to Your Body

Not every day is good for every workout. Some days you may feel so amazing you are ready for an ultra-intense workout, while others may not. If you are close to your cycle and feeling crampy, for example, a core workout may not be for you. So listen to your body and plan a workout that works for today!

Channel Your Motivation
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