7 Small Healthy Steps to Make a Big Difference in Becoming Fit ...


Did you know that if you take small healthy steps you can make a big difference in becoming fit? You do not have to start by running marathons or triathlons but with small simple steps. People often delay starting their fitness programs because they believe it has to be daily intense and long exercise that they have no time to commit to. Before you delay your start date even more, start with simple steps to transform your life. So how can you start? Here are the small healthy steps to make a big difference in becoming fit:

1. Every Fitness Second Counts

As you wait at the bus stop for your children, start jogging in place or run around the block to get extra movement and burn calories. If you are still in college, start speed walking or jog to your classes to take a step in becoming fit. Waiting for the shower water to warm up, get down and do 5 squats. Using every spare second to stay fit is one of the small healthy steps that really works.

Do Not Be Lazy
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