7 Workouts to Target Holiday Weight Gain ...

Are you feeling down because your pants are tight after the holiday? If you ate too many goodies and your clothes are feeling the aftermath, it may just be time to kick your workouts up a smidge. High intensity workouts can do just this so that you will burn more calories both during and after your workouts. And if you have not yet gone back to eating healthier, get back on track. So lace up your shoes, grab your water and get motivated to sweat your way slim with these workouts. Burn more calories in less time with these great workouts to target holiday weight gain.

1. 10 Minute HIIT

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Perform these great high intensity interval training workouts to get super fit, fast! These exercises will have you saturated in sweat and feeling slim in no time! I love performing high intensity workouts 3- 4 days a week because the results are astounding! Make the most of your time with this workout today!

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