7 Workout Classes to Take at Your Gym ...


Whether you love to drip sweat from intense exercises or find zen from yoga, there are definitely workout classes at your local gym that fit you. Exercising on your own schedule is convenient but it can also get old pretty fast, so switching it up with gym classes that consist of your favorite things to do can make working out fun once again! Plus you can get professional help for your problem areas. So what are you waiting for? Look up workout classes at your local gym!

1. Insanity

If you are looking for a way to shed weight quickly, Insanity would be one of the most recommended classes to take. This class requires plenty of energy and motivation, as it is one of the more intense workouts. However, your hard work pays off because you will burn approximately 800 calories per workout, if not more! Plus it is one of those workout classes that increases your metabolism and therefore allows you to burn more calories even after working out.

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