7 Reasons You Should Focus on Strength Training ...


The strength training versus cardio debate can have you wondering if strength training is right for you. If you have weight loss goals, there are so many myths circulating around this that it can become frustrating. So what is the best way to go? Strength training can actually help you to burn more calories while at rest and having you getting leaner as a result. This is one of the many reasons to focus on strength training and here are the rest:

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You Will do Better at Everything

Lifting the 50 pound bag of dog food is so much easier when you have strength! The same goes for carrying your children or simple acts like walking up your stairs. Simple acts of strength will be easier when you pump some iron. You can be better at everything when you incorporate a strength training program into your regular routine.


Burn More Calories when at Rest

Lean muscle is metabolically active while fat is not. So if you strength train, you can build lean muscle so you will burn more calories while you are rest. If that is not motivation to start strength training, I don’t know what is. Start pumping some iron!


Sculpt Your Body

Did you know you can reshape your body by simply lifting weights? Strength training can give you give you a toned, lean, and muscular physique. And the best part is this does not mean you have to life 20 pound dumbbells. Lifting just 5-10 pounds can reshape your body, so get lifting!


Lower Your Risk of Osteoporosis

Lifting weights can help you to strengthen your bones and lower your risk of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition that can cause bones to get brittle and a mere fall can cause a fracture. Lifting weights can increase the density or thickness of your bones which will decrease the likelihood of you developing osteoporosis.


You Will Have Better Posture

If you are doing a total body strength training program, do not be surprised if you notice you begin to stand with better posture. As you build your core strength and you strengthen your back muscles, your posture will improve in a positive way. Good posture can make you look as much as ten pounds lighter!


It is Heart Healthy

Did you know strength training can help prevent heart disease? Doctors recommend strength training to strengthen your heart and muscles. Research also states that benefits come from increasing circulation of blood to the muscles, heart and body. Do you exercise for a healthier heart?


You Will Sleep Better

Strength training will help you to sleep better. People that exercise have a lower risk of sleep apnea and it helps bring relief to people with insomnia. As you strength train you will tear your muscle fiber and sleep is an integral part of recovery. So try to get between 8-10 hours of sleep. I find after my intense strength training session, I am wiped out and I have the best night's sleep. This is great motivation to pump some iron!

I hope you start pumping some iron so you can experience all the amazing health and physical benefits. If you already strength train, tell me how often do you lift and how much?

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