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You’ve probably heard there are ways to maintain an active lifestyle in old age, even though not many people are able to pull off intense dance routines, performance running or other physically engaging activities over a certain age. If you feel you're not as young and full of life as you used to be, or you've noticed your mom or grandma has been kind of down lately, there are simple solutions to bring that youth and positive energy back. Here are some great ways to maintain an active lifestyle in old age and feel happier and more vibrant than ever.

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Moderate Aerobic Exercises

Aerobics is one of the best ways to maintain an active lifestyle in old age. About 150 minutes of aerobics every week can be great way to stay in shape, avoid fatigue and reduce health related risks.


Get Active Mowing the Lawn

A simple and very practical activity, lawn mowing can be a great calorie burning activity that keeps your heart healthy and gives your cardiovascular system a boost. Using a lawn mower for up to 20-30 minutes – especially uphill – can maximize these benefits.



Regular golf can be a great sport for stamina and leg strength, as well as to help you get your daily dose of fresh air. Just remember that the golf cart is not your friend and that walking through the whole 18-hole course will provide you with the maximum physical and mental benefits.


Community Programs

One of the more diversified ways to maintain an active lifestyle in old age is joining community programs for seniors. There you can take part in social pastimes and active leisure activities, such as team sports, fitness sessions, dancing and more.


Strengthen Your Muscles

As we age, we girls are at a much greater risk of developing osteoporosis than men – a condition that can suck the life out of you. Did you know that muscle building can protect your bones and help you avoid osteoporosis-related fractures? Trying out some mild muscle strengthening exercises about 2 days a week can be a great way to work on all major muscle groups, even in old age. For best effects, consider some calisthenics and lifting exercises, combined with basic workouts using exercise bands, small handheld weights and weight machines.


Pedal Your Way to Health

Never say you're too old to ride a bike or that you would look ridiculous (I heard my aunt saying that)! Cycling is a popular and engaging sport that can actively improve health, while promoting lung health and muscle endurance. Plus it's so much fun and somehow peaceful, ensuring you'll be in a great mood all day!


Dance Classes

If you’re looking for more fun and healthy ways to maintain an active lifestyle in old age, you might want to consider dancing – a great aerobic exercise that allows you to enjoy and expressing yourself in the process, as well as build a closer connection with your partner.


Enjoy Some Swimming Action

Swimming in a gentle, well-sustained and clean environment is excellent for keeping virtually all the muscles in your body in good shape – and having loads of fun while at it. You can practice at your own pace and fine-tune the effort you put in for obtaining best results.


Yoga & Tai Chi

Finally, activities such as yoga and tai chi can be an excellent way of improving your balance, flexibility, coordination and focus in old age. Most importantly, they also promote mental and emotional health, enhanced memory, cognition and psychological balance.

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