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With summer coming, it’s normal to think about transforming your body. However, now that you’re considering a healthier diet and an exercise plan why not go a step further and make it a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix for the summer? Both your mind and body will benefit. Here are a few tips on transforming your body.

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A Moment on the Lips, Forever on the Hips

One important thing about transforming your body is you need to eat healthy. Of course, it’s normal and encouraged to indulge every now and then but don’t make it a daily habit. Remember; don’t eat something solely because it tastes good. Although your taste buds will be satisfied if there is no nutritional value, your body will be very dissatisfied. Plus, eating unhealthy holds you back from transforming your body.


Your Body Will Give up before Your Mind Does

When doing a workout you’ll start to “feel the burn”, you’ll become tired, and you might even become sore if you don’t have a lot of muscle to begin with. Regardless, even if your body is telling you to give up, you need to maintain your workout mentality. After all, the mind is stronger than the body.


It’s All in Your Head

All your insecurities, all your weaknesses, all your self-doubt – it’s all in your head. Silence the parts of your mind that are you keeping you from reaching your potential and give it your all. Don’t let your mental roadblocks or your excuses prevent you from becoming the person you want to be both physically and mentally.


No Pain, No Gain

Transforming your body and your life isn’t just physical but it’s mental too. Becoming your new and improved self also means a lot of sacrifice, drive, discipline, and dedication. Sometimes the physical pain is bearable but the mental pain is what holds us back. Remember, no pain no gain!


A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step

Think of your body transformation as a journey. It will be a long, difficult road with many roadblocks. However, the end result will be rewarding and justify the means. But, to get to that final place you need to start somewhere. Whether it be something small like switching the cream in your coffee to milk or becoming a member at your local gym, the first step always beings with you and no one else can do it for you.


Eat Clean, Train Dirty

“Eat clean, train dirty” is a simple concept but hard to do. “Eat clean” means eating food that has not been processed. Whole wheat, fruits and vegetables, and meats from the butcher/prepared by yourself are considered clean foods. The opposite would be refined starches, fruit cups and juices, frozen and deli meats, fast food, etc... Furthermore, “train dirty” means pushing your body to its limits. Strong, but safe, exercising gets you strong results whereas light exercise only gets you light results.


Don’t Set Yourself up for Failure

Whether that being training without a trainer or trying to “quit” fast food and junk food cold turkey, don’t set yourself up to lose. Gradual changes in your exercise and diet regime will get you further even though results will be slower in showing. Trying to go from 0 to 100 when it comes to exercising can really damage your body and trying to go from a poor diet to strict diet will cause you to “relapse”.

Transforming your body is difficult, however it is worth the process. Keep yourself motivated and experiment with different techniques and foods. What are other important things to keep in mind when transforming your body?

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I'm really having trouble with eating clean, I know it's such a basic but I've never had trouble eating a ton of junk food, it never goes to my hips... but I do want to get in the habit so that when I do eat and it goes to my hips, well then I'll be ok. any suggestions as to how one can adjust to clean eating?

you should always push to your limits. not past them. if it doesn't hurt your not working hard enough. live the saying eat clean train dirty. can't wait for the spartan race.

the "no pain, no gain" is the biggest myth in workout history. it is not always the case as it may be dangerous for your body. push yourself but know your limit. like you mentioned before our body gives up before our minds. you might think its okay to ignore the pain in your foot, but little did you know that pain would snowball into something like tendinitis and that will sit you out for weeks to heal. so in actuality, you DONT always have to feel pain to know your body is working hard.

knowing your limit is key to your workout regimen

;-) I am working on getting my body all tone an health

I think the saying is "your mind will give up before your body does"

Love this! It was a great read! :)

Body and mind have to work synced, together, so you can push hard but stay off injury.

;-) I am working on getting my body all tone an health

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