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The 9 Tell-Tale Signs Your Health and Fitness Plan is Working ...

By Glenys

When you throw yourself into a new health and fitness regime, it can sometimes be disheartening and annoying when you do all of the necessary checks a couple of weeks in only to find that you haven’t’ made as much progress as you would have liked. Think about it this way, it has taken you pretty much your whole life to put on that weight, so you can’t expect miracles to happen overnight! As long as know that your stats and figures are heading in the right direction, it’s just a case of sticking with it and working hard. Here are nine telltale signs that your health and fitness plan is working.

1 Satisfied

You are feeling full and satisfied after eating now, whereas before you would always be looking to have that extra snack of a big unhealthy dessert. This is probably because your diet is now much more balanced and nutritionally filling.

2 Stamina

You find that your strength and stamina has really improved. Exercise that used to really beat you up is much more manageable now.

3 Sleep

You enjoy a much more regular and beneficial sleeping pattern now than you used to. You get the recommended 7 to 8 hours every night and you really feel the positives of that during the day.

4 Food Choices

You have trained your brain to naturally make more healthy and controlled food choices, in terms of both nutrition and portion size.

5 Energy

You feel much more energised in general than you did before. There is not more sluggishness to your everyday routine, you are always ready to go!

6 Anxiety

Your natural anxiety levels are much, much lower than they used to be. This is because the hormones that your newer, fitter body release really help to keep you on a more even emotional level.

7 Different View

Your outlook on life has changed. You just feel more positive about everything compared to a few months ago.

8 Happy

You can genuinely say that you are happy for the first time in a while!

9 Balance

Importantly, you seem to have found a pleasant balance between having fun and working hard on your health and fitness. It isn’t something that has completely taken over life, but rather something that has become an important and perfectly fitting addition.

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