5 Signs You Are Working out Too Much ...


5 Signs You Are Working out Too Much ...
5 Signs You Are Working out Too Much ...

The world of health and fitness can sometimes be a contradictory and confusing one. We get told time and time again that working out as much as possible is the best thing for us in the long run, but sometimes, the fact is that you can get so involved and invested in exercise that the scales can tip in the other direction and it can become something of a problem. Just like anything else in life, it’s about getting the right balance. Here are five signs that you are working out too much.

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No Motivation

A good workout schedule should always leave you wanting a little bit more and excited to get back in the swing of things the next day. However, if you have given it your all and then find that you are lacking the will to get back on it, it could be a sign that you have gone too hard and your body isn’t ready to be put through that kind of test again so soon.



The endorphins released during exercise are supposed to leave you feeling energised and euphoric after a great session, so a key sign of having gone too far with your regime is if you completely bypass that energised, euphoric feeling and go straight to exhaustion. It’s a sign that your body is already running on empty from your previous sessions, and that you need to slow down.


No Improvement

If you have started to experience a plateau in your progress, it could be because you are going too hard for your body to recover in time, and if your body can’t recover, it won’t function in the way that you want it to and produce those muscles toning or fat burning results. You need that strength in order to transform, and too much exercise will sap your strength.



Exercise is supposed to make you a more positive and energised person, so if you feel nothing but irritation and borderline depression after you have worked out, that’s a clear sign that you are going too hard and not listening to the signals that your body might be sending. Those endorphins have stopped coming, and it might be a case of sitting down and reassessing how you are working out and the kinds of things that you are doing.


Putting on Weight

Overdoing it exercise-wise will cause your body’s functions to go into survival and fighting mode, and sometimes this results in your metabolism actually slowing down rather than speeding up. This will, of course, cause some weight gain, which is the exact opposite of what a better paced, more appropriate exercise regime will be able to do for you.

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