The Reverse Curl is Your Exercise for Losing Your Pouch ...

In this YouTube video, learn how to do the reverse curl, a great abdominal exercise.

Do you have a little pouch down there and hate sit-ups? Can you not do sit-ups because of ... Bad neck? Bad back?

Well, reverse curls are here to the rescue!

When I was younger, I did reverse sit-ups every night after rebounding and had a very flat stomach. So, I know that this works. As I got older, I got out of my good habits. After viewing this video myself, I have been inspired to do it again!

I like to hold onto something behind me. For example, after rebounding, I would hold onto the mini-trampoline when doing reverse curls. Maybe hold onto the frame of your bed, the bottom of your couch or bedroom dresser, etc.

Good luck!

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