7 Sure-Fire Ways to Build the Booty of Your Dreams ...


7 Sure-Fire Ways to Build the Booty of Your Dreams ...
7 Sure-Fire Ways to Build the Booty of Your Dreams ...

Building a plump, round bum is easier than you might think! Through hard work and discipline in the gym as well as in the kitchen, you too can achieve a natural hourglass figure. Follow these 7 easy fitness tips to get started on your booty-building journey.

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Eat, Eat, Eat!

One of the key things to get bigger, peachier glutes is calorie surplus. This means you eat more than your daily suggested calorie intake so don’t be afraid to feast during lunch or have a heavier dinner. Start planning a healthy and balanced diet that’s packed with protein if you want to see a visible change on your derriere. This includes foods like salmon, eggs, chicken breast, greek yoghurt, brown rice, tofu, tempeh, oats, avocado, milk, as well as legumes like peas, beans, and nuts.


Don’t Be Shy with Your Protein

Other than improving your diet to a healthy and balanced plan, you could also consider adding protein supplements into your diet for an extra boost. There are four types of protein powder supplements you can try: whey, casein, soy, and hemp. While whey protein contains the most protein at 70 to 80%, soy and hemp protein are vegan supplements suitable for vegans and those allergic to dairy. Some of the best protein powder brands in the market today are SB Organics, KOS Organic, Optimum Nutrition, Pure HealthlandHeatlhland, and BSN True Mass powder.


Stop Relying on the Scale

As your glutes grow and your muscles build -up, it makes sense if you gain a couple of kilos in the process. Don’t rely on the number on the scale to track your booty-building progress because the weight you gain might just be the muscle mass you’re gaining. As long as you stick to a consistent muscle-building workout routine and a wholesome diet, the weight gain doesn’t always signify you’re gaining unhealthy fats. If you want to track your muscle growth progress, you can opt to measure your glute size instead of stepping on the scale. You can also use a scale that can measure body fat percentage and muscle ratio.


Resistance Training is Key

Building your glutes require heavy resistance training as well as progressive overload. This means introducing weights or resistance bands into your workout so your glute muscles can work a little bit harder than they’re used to. It’s also essential to make sure that you don’t plateau.

If the machines and the weights at the gym are a little too intimidating for you, you can try resistance training at home with bands, dumbbells, or kettlebells. Lazada has a great selection of resistance bands and weights that you can add into your daily workout routine. While most of these dumbbells, weights, and resistance bands require a bit of investment, you can use Lazada promos to save on your gym equipment purchase.


Don’t Just Stick to Cardio

While doing cardio is great to test endurance and stamina, it won’t do much good to your glute muscles. If you do want to maintain a cardio regimen, try incorporating HIIT instead of your usual treadmill run. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is proven to stimulate anabolic hormones that can be beneficial to muscle growth. These hormones basically promote protein production required for muscle growth. You can build a HIIT routine with lunges, squats, donkey kicks, incline sprints, and fire hydrants so you can target your glutes and legs even during cardio.


Avoid Spot Training

Spot training, or targeting a certain spot endlessly in order to lose fats or gain muscle, is generally frowned upon in the fitness industry. You can’t solely focus on building your glutes while neglecting other parts of your lower body. Strengthening your hamstrings is especially important as they are considered as the “lift” to the booty to make it plumper and rounder. Additionally, to achieve the hourglass figure, you also need to train your core for a tighter waist as well as your upper body, especially your shoulders and chest area.


Take It Easy

Everybody’s booty-building journey is different so don’t fret if you’re not seeing significant progress as fast as other people. Remember that it can take months or even years for you to see the change that you desire. Surround yourself with people who are going through the same process as well as experts who can help you in your booty gain journey. At the end of the day, you’re going through this fitness journey for yourself, so enjoy the ride and take it step by step!

Implement these easy tips into your fitness regimen to build the booty that you’ve always wanted. Keep in mind that this can be a long and challenging process, but it’s necessary to build a better, more confident you! Do you have any go-to booty-building tips of your own?

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