7 Small Healthy Steps to Make a Big Difference in Becoming Fit ...


Did you know that if you take small healthy steps you can make a big difference in becoming fit? You do not have to start by running marathons or triathlons but with small simple steps. People often delay starting their fitness programs because they believe it has to be daily intense and long exercise that they have no time to commit to. Before you delay your start date even more, start with simple steps to transform your life. So how can you start? Here are the small healthy steps to make a big difference in becoming fit:

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Every Fitness Second Counts

As you wait at the bus stop for your children, start jogging in place or run around the block to get extra movement and burn calories. If you are still in college, start speed walking or jog to your classes to take a step in becoming fit. Waiting for the shower water to warm up, get down and do 5 squats. Using every spare second to stay fit is one of the small healthy steps that really works.


Do Not Be Lazy

Why in the world are you driving around the parking lot in search of the closest spot? Park farther away and speed walk to your destination. Although this short walk may seem nominal to you, you can burn an extra 50 calories per day just from this small walk.


Fast Food Doesn’t Look the Same

If you frequent fast food chains and it never was a big deal, as you take small steps you may look at these fast food chains in a different way. 600 calories in fries will not cut it because you will think about the amount of exercise you will have to do to burn off those calories. Life changes in all aspects when you begin to focus on fitness.


All Calories Are Not Created Equal

When you look at the 100 calories in a banana as compared to a 100 calories bag of mini crackers, you get a lot more bang for your buck with a banana. You also get nutrients and vitamins that you will never find in any cracker. These simple swaps in food choices add up to make a big difference in your life.


Using the Stairs when You Can

Stop waiting at for the elevator at work. Challenge yourself and only use the stairs. If you work in an office job where you sit at the desk all day, take breaks every few hours to get up and get water on the lowest level. A simple walk will help you to burn calories, tone your body and also awaken to be more alert while at work.


Head on Foot to Your Destination

Conserve the energy of your car, save our environment and get a workout in all at the same time when you walk to your destination. By walking or jogging to your destination, you will feel a great accomplishment and it will start a whole new array of goals for the future. I ran to bring my wedding invitations to the post office to mail them and this small goal is something I will always remember. And it paved the path for my future of fitness.


Pick up the Pace

If you find yourself walking for hours and still not seeing your desired results, pick up the pace with a speed walk, jog or even bike ride. By picking up the pace you will elevate your heart rate, burn more calories and get more of a workout in a shorter amount of time. Makes total sense, right?

So make sure you make the most of each moment and get your workout in. If you find yourself using a fit approach to life, you will get so much more done and feel great! So did you get your workout in for today? Remember all it takes is small steps in the right direction to make a big difference.

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Write a comment ...Number 3 is VERY true. I started exercising 6 months ago. The second I even think about going to a fast food place, I start scolding myself.

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