7 Reasons to Try Aqua Aerobics ...


If you're considering taking up aqua aerobics, here are a few convincing reasons by guest contributor Patricia Hogenes on why you absolutely must!

I’m always looking for new and energizing ways to spice up my exercise routine. I was a runner for many years, and I have just taken up tennis. I’m not that great yet, but I enjoy it a lot. When I discovered aqua aerobics, it quickly moved to the top of my list of exercise options. Here are 7 reasons to give aqua aerobics a try:

1. For the Fun of It

Let’s face it, if a workout is a grind, I’m not going to stick around long. I’ll go find something that is enjoyable. The first time I tried a water class, I was pretty impressed by how much fun everyone was having. People were breathing hard, but laughing a lot and enjoying themselves. That got my attention right away.

The Low Impact Element
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