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If you’re considering changing your exercise routine, consider the reasons to take a spinning class! Spinning is a great way to burn calories, tone leg muscles, and give you a fantastic endorphin rush! It’s also great if you’re looking for a high intensity workout that’s still low impact. Although starting a new exercise class is always a little intimidating at first, spinning is super fun and enjoyable. Consider these nine reasons to take a spinning class before you hop on that saddle.

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Intensity, Intensity, Intensity

One of the reasons to take a spinning class can be summed up in a single word: intensity! Spinning classes may look pretty easy, but they’ve got intensity written all over them. For 60 grueling minutes, you’ll have an instructor bark orders at you, usually involving adding more and more resistance to your bike until you can’t complete another pedal stroke. Add the heart-pumping music and buzzing sound from all the other spinning bikes and it’s an understatement to say spinning is an intense class. If you’re bored from doing the same routine on the elliptical or treadmill day after day, give spinning a shot!


Burns Loads of Fat

Because this class is so intense, you will also burn loads of calories. Some spinning classes claim that you can burn up to 1,000 calories per class! Between the sprints, the flat roads, and the steep hills, you’ll also burn a ton of fat from this intense workout. Spinning classes are a great way to burn loads of calories and fat in relatively little time. Incorporate them into your fitness routine the next time you need to get in shape quickly.


Easy on Your Back

Do you avoid activities like running because of a lower back injury? Spinning is a fantastic alternative that can still provide you a heart-pumping workout all while preventing strain on your back. Spinning is also one of the few workouts that you can modify to your needs. Most fitness instructors recommend, for instance, remaining seated for your spinning class if you suffer from back problems. If you still want to burn calories and have a great workout, a spinning class could be the perfect exercise for you!


Low Impact for Your Knees

Many people complain of knee pain when they enroll in a spinning class, but did you know spinning is actually fairly low impact, and can strengthen your knees? Those who complain of knee pain probably aren’t riding correctly and need to correct their form. But for many of you, spinning is great for your knees, actually strengthening the knee joint and surrounding tendons/ligaments. As always, listen to your body. If your knee is killing you every time you hop on the bike, then take it easy. But for many of you, you’ll find that spinning is a great cardio workout that doesn’t damage your knees!


You Control the Class

Whether you’ve got 30 pounds to lose or are recovering from an injury, one of the best reasons to try a spinning class is because you’re in control! If the spinning instructor is telling you to add more resistance and you’re tired, you don’t need to always listen to him/her. Spinning classes are self-paced, meaning you can go extra hard on days you feel energized. You can also take it easy on days where you’re tired or are recovering from an injury. Regardless of your reason for exercising, a spinning class is a great choice.


Great Music

What if I told you there was a way to get in a good workout and jam out to some heart-pumping house music? Now there is! Because spinning classes operate at a pretty fast pace, you can assume the music is just as loud and upbeat. With spinning classes you’ll work out to all the latest and greatest club music and dance hits. You’ll have so much fun the time will instantly fly by!


Toned Quads and Glutes

Trying to get rid of stubborn cellulite or tone those saddlebags? Spinning is a great workout for your legs! One of the first things I noticed after incorporating regular spinning classes into my fitness routine was how toned my quads became. Even better, my legs didn’t just look better—they were also much stronger! Spinning completely changed the composition of my legs. Try a class if you want toned and tight legs that aren’t just sleek but strong.


Strong Core

In many spinning classes, the instructor will schedule a variety of drills that you perform over 30-60 minutes. Some of the drills are completed seated or ‘in the saddle.’ Other drills, however, are performed standing. The constant switching between seated and standing drills is a great exercise for your core and balance. For those of you who do hundreds of crunches and never seem to see a difference, the core work in a spinning class may be just what you need to see those abs!


You’ll Never Get Bored

One of my favorite things about spinning class is I’m never bored. Every week my spin instructor picks some new music or a new arrangement of drills for the class to complete. I personally love taking a class where the intervals, hills, and sprints are all figured out for me and all I have to do is show up and follow along. Switching up the drills is also a great way to keep your body guessing and promote muscle growth/fat loss. Try a spinning class if you need a workout that will keep your body (and mind) from getting bored.

Spinning classes are super addictive. I can easily spin three times a week and love every second of it! What are some of your favorite fitness classes to take at the gym? Have you ever tried spinning?

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I have been doing 2 spinning classes a week since February . It never gets easier but I feel fab afterwards and the shape of my legs has changed dramatically . I love my classes ! I also do 2 body pump classes a week which I would also recommend 😀

Spinning rocks..you lose so much weight and it's super fun n truly Intense!!!!

I have been spinning for about 6 years and I JUST LOVE IT. Just wish i could do more than 3 times a week, my gym and my shedule, doesn't permit me to do more. It is really addictive, like you say. I had a lot of varicle veins and with treatment and spinning it improved my legs.

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