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There are countless reasons to exercise in the morning from convenience to no excuses. I have been a morning exerciser since the young age of twelve because it is the best time to get your workout in. If you start your day exercising, you will have more energy to conquer the day and you will even get more accomplished. I am always amazed in how much a morning workout sets the stage for the entire day on a good note. If you are still on the fence about when you exercise, let me share with you the reasons to exercise in the morning and then you can make your decision:

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Start Your Day the Right Way

If you start your day with a morning workout, you will have find yourself feeling better throughout the day. I have been getting up at 5am between Bootcamp and personal training for a decade and on the rare occasion when I sleep in until 7, I actually feel less energetic. I love starting my day with a workout because of how great I feel and this is one of the main reasons to exercise in the morning.


Have More Energy

You would think waking up earlier would deplete your energy, especially if you are sleeping less, but it actually does the opposite. Waking up to get a workout in will boost your energy, and have you feeling peppy! So make sure you rise early to get a 30 minute to 1 hour fitness session in!


Make Better Food Choices

If you start your day with a morning workout, you will set your day on a healthier note and even find yourself looking at food differently. You definitely will not be wanting to eat a donut for breakfast because that would sabotage the workout you just completed. So oatmeal and egg whites it is!


No Excuses

How many excuses can you come up with at 5am? Not very many, huh? If you exercise earlier you will have no excuses to not get your workout in. If you wait until later in the day, work, school, or other activities can cause you to have to miss your workout. So make sure you get your workout in bright and early so that no excuses can get in your way.


Everyone Can Find Time Early

You can try to come up with a million different reasons, but you can always get up earlier to get your workout in. Unless you work the night shift there is no reason not to get up and get your fitness session in. Once you complete this you will feel accomplished and ready to embark on the day.


More Likely to Stick to It

The National Weight Loss Association states that people that exercise in the morning are more likely to stick to their exercise routine and this will help them to keep the lost weight off. So get up early and get moving!


Be Happier and More Positive

If you exercise in the morning you will be happier (since you are releasing endorphins) and more positive. Morning exercisers just feel better about themselves and the world around them. So join the club of morning exercisers so that you can experience this as well!

I hope I have motivated you to get up and get going. Set your alarm clock for bright and early and rise with the dawn chorus. Didn’t you ever hear the saying, the early bird gets the worm?

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I love all your posts:)

I agree!

Agree! With four kids at home I know morning workouts are best. But 5 am sounds so early!

Good Article Tara...I do not let anything or anyone interfere with my workout. I prepare the day before for each run/workout however after doing 10 years in the Army I do not exercise until after my kids are @ school. I rotate shifts- law enforcement. I do exercise in the am when I'm on night shift, eat breakfast, unwind then go to bed. On first shift I go in the evening. I agree exercising in the am do jump start your day but for me it's my lifestyle.

Thanks for the motivation. You are ABSOLUTELY right on each reason.

I totally agree morning workouts really do help you conquer the day in a positive way. .

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