5 Wonderful 🙌 Reasons to Work out 💪 That Don't 🚫 Involve Losing Weight ⚖️ ...


There are so many motivations for working out other than wanting to look good. I am always the type of person who is down for New Year’s resolutions: I mean hey, why not? The worst thing that happens is that you don’t meet your goal, and then you can just console yourself and promise to try better next year. And since the best thing might be actually meeting (dare we say exceeding?!) your goal, I’m all in for being resolute AF.

This year I, like thousands (millions) of people around the world, decided to dedicate myself to working out every single day. This is mildly comical because I’m definitely not a go-to-the-gym, pump-some-iron kind of woman. I think it’s cool that people are into that, but coordinated workout clothes and weights are not my favorite thing.

I also didn’t commit to working out to lose weight or to drastically change something specific about my body. Is it perfect? No. But is it the body I have? Yeah, and it’s not that bad.

You might be wondering: why exactly am I working out, then?

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself at 7:30 each morning, when I hit my yoga mat for a warm-up. I also ask the same question about twelve hours later, when I finally have time to squeeze in my favorite arm workout or ab set for twenty minutes. And now, about a month into the process, I’ve distilled my reasons why into a set of five motivations for working out other than wanting to look good.

1. It Just Feels Good

One of the best motivations for working out other than wanting to look good is to feel good. First and foremost, let me say this: working out just feels awesome. And I don’t do that much—we’re talking thirty minutes a day, usually split between the morning and the evening. But I’ve found that the more I workout, the more awesome I feel. Which is obnoxious, because it’s what everyone says about working out. But you know why they say it? It’s true.

When I say it feels good, I mean this: I’m not even drinking coffee anymore because working out gives me such a rush that I can skate by with a cup or two of tea each day—and I used to drink two cups of coffee in the morning, followed by one or two in the evening.

I Want to Be Stronger for Me
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