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How to Turn Sex into a Fantastic Workout Session ...

By Neecey

Sex is the best cardio exercise out there. It’s certainly the most fun exercise ^_^. So why not make the most of it and ramp up the rev counter in ways that benefits your fitness routine, your heart rate and your sexual satisfaction. Sounds like a win for your body, soul and relationship and your man is certainly not going to complain.

1 Curve Your Back and Raise Your Pelvis during the Missionary Position

Raise your pelvis and your shoulders off the bed when you are at the bottom in the missionary position. Imagine your spine was trying to make a parenthesis shape with a smooth curve in your back. If you do this, not only are you working and toning your core but it brings you closer to his face so you can kiss him and his chest. Also, as you raise your pelvis, it allows you to position yourself so that he hits the places that stimulate you the most.

2 Get Vigorous when You Are in the Cowgirl Position

Obviously, you do not want to hurt him, but if you are careful, you can turn a gentle cowgirl position into a good workout. Your knees should be on the bed, as should your lower legs and feet. Use them to push off as you move. If you get tired, put your hands on his chest to help you push off. If you feel even more tired, then move in close so your chest is touching his, put your hands by his side or on his shoulders and continue from there. This position and action will engage your butt and core.

3 Place Your Feet Flat on the Bed and Bounce in the Reverse Cowgirl Position

This is another one of those sex positions that double as exercise where you have to be careful if you’re going to get vigorous. You should start bouncing very slowly so you know where he is and that you are in the right position. The worst thing to do is let him slip out and then sit on it and bend it. You should be in a frog-like position where the closest point of contact is your genital areas. This is a tough one because it takes a lot of power in your legs and a lot of endurance, plus it is easy to fall off balance. The harder the mattress (or surface), then the easier it is to pull off this move and balance too. This works your core but if you can do it with your feet on the mattress and legs bent you’ll give your thighs and glutes a serious workout.

4 Have Him Sit on a Chair, Sit Facing Him and Bounce

Find the right chair at the right height before you attempt this one. Ideally, you should be able to sit on him and have your legs on the floor with a slight bend in your legs. Find the right size of chair and this move becomes easier, which means you can maneuver more. You can bounce and/or grind, and if you add baby oil then you can slide and grind too. Clench your buttocks as you move up and down and use the floor to push off to work your leg muscles.

5 On Your Back, Keep Your Legs Straight and in the Air

Sometimes exercise comes through endurance. If you were lying in bed with your feet stretched in the air then eventually your legs would ache. Fundamentally, this sex exercise does the same thing. The only difference is that the sex should take your mind off how much your legs are aching.

6 Sit on Him with Your Feet Forwards and Push off His Thighs with Your Hands

Hop on top but instead of having your knees on your bed you put them forwards so they are flat on the bed and by his sides. Lean forwards a little as you get into this position or he may pop out. Get comfortable and lean backwards to put your hands on his thighs. If it feels more comfortable, have him raise his knees so you can push off with a little more force. Do not be afraid of spending a little time getting comfortable before you start. All women and men are different shapes, and sometimes it takes a little wiggles and maneuvering before your jigsaw pieces slot into place.

7 Make a Bridge and Work It

If you want a sexercise that works practically every muscle, the position you want is the bridge. You create a bridge shape with your body - like a crab but with your feet and palms flat, fingers pointing towards your heels. (You might need to put pillows under your back to support you until you gain the strength to hold this position). You then have to work really hard to maintain the position – straining all muscles - as your man does his thing between your thighs.

Sexercise is not just about doing it for longer, doing it faster. Good sexercise is all about using positions that work your muscles too. Now there’s even more excuse to get your jiggy on – agreed?

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