7 Exercises That Will Have You Better in the Bedroom ...

By Tara

Okay, so as a mom of three, I try to keep myself strong, have energy for all my life tasks and also keep the romance alive in the bedroom. To do so it is important to stay fit, strong and keep up your energy levels. Did you know that certain exercises can actually help you to be flying high rather than feeling your energy is low? So let me share with you how you can get it done, feel great and get in your best shape. Are you ready to get started? Then get moving with these effective energy boosting and strengthening exercises:

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1 Tricep Dips

Work your arms so you can keep your body up and avoid fatigue by performing tricep dips. Tricep dips will build your upper body strength and help you to work this major muscle group. So follow along as this video is described and demonstrated to help you achieve perfect form. Make sure you do not sink into your shoulders and focus on the tricep muscle you are targeting!

2 Pushups

Pushups are another effective exercise to build the strength in your upper body so you can hold yourself up and avoid your arms shaking from weakness. You are welcome to begin with the modified version of the pushup and work your way up to the more advanced version. Make it your goal to bring your chest all the way to the ground to make the most out of this exercise!

3 Squats

Build the strength in your lower body so you can be creative in the bedroom and not have to feel like you are a hundred years old. You are only as young as your body feels so build the strength in your lower half. Follow along with this video and drop your body into 90 degrees with your weight on your heels. Work your body while you boost your metabolism!

4 Jump Squats

Bump it up to a whole new level with the jump squat! This explosive exercise will add power to your legs and lower half. Drop it down low and burst up with energy. If you want to feel better and have more zest for the bedroom, you have to build up your energy and strength with explosive exercises like these.

5 Jumping Jacks

Perform jumping jacks, jogging in place, pushups, and lunges help build up both your strength and endurance. This will help you to have more energy and also just feel amazing. Follow along as I lead you and please ignore my insane amount of energy that day! Man, I was on!

6 Plank

To build up the strength in your total core and help you to explore endless possibilities, get in the plank. Follow me as I lead you with the plank exercise and make sure you not only maintain proper form but also engage the abdominal muscles as you perform this exercise. This will help you to better your midsection and feel stronger!

7 Chin Ups

Love this video of these girls performing chin ups in their bikinis, it is so motivating. Know that you can do anything just like these girls if you train and put passion into your workouts. This exercise will help you to build the strength in your abs, upper back and core. This will help you in the bedroom and also with everyday tasks!

Get moving with these effective exercises that will help better your bedroom skills and help you to just feel better. Are you ready to boost your bedroom shape?

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