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The Best Survival Guide to Outdoor Workouts in the Summer ...

By Tara

Exercising in the summer can be tough with the high temperatures and humidity. You have to get prepared so you can avoid the struggles of exercising outdoors in the heat. You may have days where you debate on opening the front door to head out for your workout because it is just that hot. But before you throw in the towel and take the day off, prepare so you can get in your best shape without sacrificing your health. There are several key things you can do to help you well on your way to having your best summer workouts yet and achieving your beach beautiful body this year!

1 Prepare

vacation, sea, jumping, coast, sports,Preparation is key so make sure you drink water the day prior and have a banana for adequate potassium. The potassium will help to aid your hydration and avoid overheating in the summer. So grab that banana! By preparing you will avoid wiping out in the heat of the day.

2 Dress in Cool Clothing

physical fitness, weight training, VER, AST, CELSPORT,Dress in cool clothing to avoid overheating. There are countless brands that create breathable clothing to help you get a great workout in and keep your clothing dry. I usually go for a cool wicking material that takes away sweat. Also make sure you wear light clothing so you do not feel attacked by the sun!


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3 Sunscreen

clothing, hair, lingerie, physical fitness, underpants,As you head outdoors for a super workout, make sure you lather up with sunscreen. Even in the early morning you can get some strong rays that are damaging to the skin. So, make sure your protect yourself with sunscreen. And make sure you choose a waterproof brand so the sunscreen does not run into your eyes because that can totally sabotage your workout!

4 Less is More

clothing, swimwear, turquoise, beauty, undergarment,As for what kind of clothes to dress in when it is super hot in summer, choose what works for you. I like a sports bra and shorts because less is more when the temperatures are high. Find what works best for you and get ready for a great workout!

5 Hydrate

food, produce, painting, meal, dessert,Cheers to better your health and prevent a wipe out in the summer by hydrating for your health. Add a splash of citrus to ensure to enjoy a fresh drink and keep your liquid stores high. This is super important in the warm weather when you will be sweating quite a bit.

6 Refuel with Protein

clothing, leg, arm, blond, thigh,As you complete your workout and feel mighty tired, do not plop your butt on the couch just yet - first you must refuel. Refuel with lean protein to help restore muscle fiber breakdown from your workout. This will also help you to get back to your workout feeling stronger and less muscle fatigue!

7 Exercise Early

clothing, flower, floristry,Rise and shine early to get your workout in before the heat hits. This most definitely is a summer save when choosing to work out in extreme heat. Usually the earlier the better so get up with the stars! Your body will thank you when you have the ability to perform at your best!

So stop stressing about having to bring your workouts indoors this summer and prepare for the heat. Be smart, dress cool and be ready to conquer a super sweaty workout each day. Get your best beach body this year by working out in the sensational summer sun! You will be so glad that you did!

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