7 Healthy Perks of Zumba That You've Got to Know about ...


As a dancer, I was immediately drawn to the many perks of Zumba. Deriving from Latin dance and incorporating other elements such as soca, hip hop and martial arts, Zumba's popularity has gained momentum in recent years. Coupled with energetic music, it's a great way to both stay active and have fun while doing it. Check out these amazing health perks of Zumba that will have you running to the nearest gym (or living room).

1. Full Body Experience

One of the biggest (and most noticeable) perks of Zumba is that it works out your whole body. Rather than solely focusing on isolated areas, this type of dance exercise (or dancercise, as I like to call it) forces you to get up and move. When I first attended a class, I was both excited and nervous (as dance was the extent of my exercise routine) at how lively and interactive everything was.

Body Toning
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