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There are so many fun ways to burn calories on Valentine’s Day that will make you feel less guilt over your dinner or that piece of chocolate you indulge in on this holiday of hearts. And if you make this sweat session part of your Valentine’s Day, you will feel better about yourself and even make more mindful food choices throughout the day. These calorie burners will be great ways to create new memories with that significant other in your life and enjoy this holiday of hearts. And you will feel accomplished while you connect on another level with your hearts pumping from your workout. So lace up your kicks and get ready for these fun ways to burn calories on Valentine’s Day!

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Keep It Simple with a Run

Feel the happy chemicals of endorphins and burn 550-800 calories with a 60 minute run with your partner this Valentine’s Day. Calories burned vary based on your weight and the intensity of your run. So pick up the pace and run your heart out with your sweetie to get a jumpstart on your V day!


Hike and Have a Healthy Picnic

Hike out your happy heart with your soul mate and enjoy a food break with a romantic picnic. Hiking can burn 300-425 calories and this is super romantic if you plan to have a picnic in the midst. This is a great way to include your workout into the holiday of professing your love!


Bike to Your Destination

Bike to your destination with your loved one on Valentine’s Day to burn up to 600 calories in an hour, enjoy the sights, and stay active. Connect while you get your workout in for the day and boost your mood in the process.


Enjoy an after Dinner Walk

200 calories at a brisk pace for 30 minutes is a great way to connect with your companion, burn off the Valentine dinner and boost your mood. Make this Valentine’s Day about getting active and having fun with your Valentine! Then your X’s and O’s can come after your walk or as breaks in between.


Take a Fitness Class with Your Sweetheart

Break a sweat together pre dinner and take a fitness class with your sweetie to burn approximately 500 calories on one hour of fitness fun. You will bond in the process of burning calories and boosting your metabolism. And you will earn that Valentine’s Day dinner out!


Dance It out

Whether you want to wiggle as you giggle together or learn the tango; dancing is a great workout burning approximately 350 calories per hour. And dancing is a heck of a lot of fun. Just be open minded, have fun and take in this wonderful experience together. You will both grow in the process! Or grab a group of friends and dance to the beat of your own drum this Valentine’s day!


Skate with Your Possible Soul Mate

Skate around the ice rink with your sweetheart as you hold hands and enjoy the experience. Channel your inner child while you get a workout in with your companion with an estimated 350 calorie burn! You may have a few bumps by the end of your ice skate session but the experience will be well worth it!

With so many fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day while getting your fitness on, which will you do first? Or why not make a challenge to do as many as you can squeeze into one day!

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