7. Stay Active

Lastly, the best tip for staying and becoming fit in your 20’s, is to start adding active habits to your day now. This means not sitting too much during the day, doing chores around your house, which is a good tip anyway, and cooking more of your meals, which is a great calorie burner, believe it or not! Keep up with your laundry, which I know is no fun, but also a great way to stay active at home, and keep television to a minimum.

Even getting a dog you know you can care for properly is a great way to stay active as they’ll need to be walked and played with daily. Also, try to walk more around your office, or to your office if possible, and just be active in general. While you need to take time to relax, you also need to not overdo it.

On one last note, I will add another tip to consider if you’re looking to learn healthy fitness habits in your 20’s. Each night, be sure you relax properly before bed and that you get enough rest. This gives your mind time to recover, along with those great muscles you’ve worked all day. A girl needs her exercise, but she also needs her sanity, and her rest. If you’re in your 20’s, or any other age, what’s your best fitness tip?

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