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Boxing Can Reduce Stress Heres What You Need to Start Boxing ...

By Eliza

Boxing is a great workout! It tones your arms, abs and legs and can be a total stress reliever too. The fact that it’s gaining in popularity means you can find boxing classes in nearly any city. That doesn’t mean you can just show up though. To get the most out of boxing and ensure that you stay safe, you need to come prepared with the right gear. Once you have the items on this list, you’re ready to try your hand at sparring for a better body and a better mindset.

Table of contents:

  1. High top shoes
  2. Gloves
  3. Moisture wicking shorts
  4. Sleeveless top
  5. Supportive sports bra
  6. Head gear
  7. Mouth guard

1 High Top Shoes

They aren’t just for basketball. High top shoes are the ideal choice for boxing. That’s because they give you ankle support so that you don’t wind up with a rolled ankle while you pivot and move around the heavy bag. You can actually find boxing specific shoes that are ideal when you hit the mat.

2 Gloves

You would be pretty sorry if you tried to box without gloves. The heavy bag might look soft, but it isn’t. Look for boxing gloves made from ventilating materials so that your hands stay cool while you work out. You can easily find them at sporting goods stores. Make sure you try them on to be sure they fit well and aren’t too loose or too tight. Wear wrist tape underneath for extra support.

3 Moisture Wicking Shorts

All the best boxers wear shorts. That’s because they give you plenty of room to move around as you box. Look for those that are made from moisture wicking fabric, which will help keep you from getting slippery and sweaty. Again, you can find prime boxing shorts at sports equipment stores in any city. They are super cute too!

4 Sleeveless Top

If you’ve tried to jab or throw punches you know that you need free range of motion in your shoulders and arms. That’s why experts suggest wearing a sleeveless top, such as a hoodie or t-shirt without sleeves. That way you can get the most out of your boxing workout without clothes that get in your way.

5 Supportive Sports Bra

Of course some women boxers opt for wearing just a sports bra. Whether you top it with a shirt or not, you need a super supportive sports bra to keep the bounce and jiggle under control. That bouncing and jabbing can make your girls move around too much, which isn’t comfortable or attractive. You need a sports bra with a heavy duty support band all the way around.

6 Head Gear

If you’re just practicing, you can probably skip the head gear, but if you’re sparring with a partner, you definitely want to strap it on. The right head gear should fit snugly, but not be too tight. This will protect your head and ears should a blow hit you there. You’ll totally look the part of a great boxer when you wear head gear. Better safe than sorry, right?

7 Mouth Guard

When you’re boxing, you don’t want to worry about getting your teeth knocked out or even just bleeding if you take a crack to the lips and teeth. Wearing a mouth guard will take the worry away from getting punched and let you focus on your spar. Also, you’ll be able to protect your beautiful smile.

Do you box? Isn’t it such a wonderful workout? I love doing jabs while holding a kettlebell for even more benefits. What other equipment should we get for boxing?

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