7 Best Workouts for when the Gym is Full ...


You don't want to give up your workouts when the gym is full. It can be frustrating when you arrive in the gym much needing a workout only to find you are not the only one with this idea and the gym is full and the equipment is occupied. Have no fear because I am here as your personal trainer to give you some great workouts that you can do with limited or no equipment at all. And you will still have accomplished at least as much as a workout with your regular equipment and routine. Here are some great ideas for workouts when the gym is full:

1. Lunge Pushup Challenge

So you are in a bind and the treadmill is taken, why not switch up your routine and use what you've got? Use your bodyweight for a lunge pushup challenge. Find a free space in the gym and perform 10 lunges in place then 10 pushups, jog in place for 1 minute, then repeat; make a goal of working to 7 sets. I promise this will be just as good, if not better than your planned treadmill routine because you are adding resistance training into your cardio routine which will rev your metabolism! This is one of the best workouts when the gym is full.

Squat Challenge
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