7 Benefits of HIIT Workouts That You Shouldn't Ignore ...


Low intensity workout benefits don’t compare to the benefits of HIIT workouts! High intensity interval training is a type of aerobic exercise characterized by short bursts of intense fitness followed by a period of low-intensity exercise. Ever-mounting research shows that this is the ideal form of exercise for rapid weight loss. It is a shortcut to your summer body without compromising your health! However, while it is a shortcut, it is not the easy way out, as it requires that you put in 110 percent to get all the benefits of HIIT workouts!

1. Burns More Fat

One of the top benefits of HIIT workouts that makes them such a big trend is the fact that they burn more calories in a short period of time than most of the long low intensity workouts. In addition to providing a higher rate of fat loss, you will burn even more calories due to the after-burn effect. Since your body has greater oxygen debt after a more intense workout, it will spend more energy restoring the balance after and therefore grabbing all of the energy from fats!

No Equipment Needed
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