10 Yoga Poses 🐠🐱🌲 for Women with Social Anxiety 😰 ...


If you get socially anxious, then yoga might be able to help you relax.

After all, it does more than help your body.

It also helps your mind.

So if you want to make yourself healthier, here are a few different yoga poses that are capable of helping women with social anxiety:

1. Fish Pose

This pose is called "the destroyer of all diseases." In order to do it, you should start by resting on your back with your spine straight.

Then you should lift your pelvis off of the floor and place your hands beneath your booty, palms facing down.

After that, you should bend your elbows and press your forearms down to lift your back.

However, you should keep your head down.

2. Standing Forward Bend

You should start by standing up straight with your arms to your sides.

Then, as you exhale, you should bend over while dropping your head.

Try to touch the floor, so that your palms are next to your feet.

Don't worry about your flexibility, because you can keep your knees bent if you need to.

3. Child's Pose

This pose is about as easy as it gets.

You should start by sitting on your knees with your big toes together.

Then you should pull your head toward the floor while your belly is on your thighs.

Meanwhile, your arms can simply rest by your side.

The point of this pose is to relax, so you don't need to do much else.

4. Legs up the Wall Pose

This is another easy pose.

As long as you have a wall to lean against, you shouldn't have a problem with this one.2

After putting a pillow or blanket down to support your lower back, you should put your butt against the wall and place your legs straight up the wall.

Then you can relax.

Tree Pose
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