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17 Yoga Charts to Help You Find Inner Peace ...

By Holly

We all wish we could do yoga. Well, it's not as hard as it looks. As long as you dedicate enough time and energy to it, you can master it. Where should you start? Well, you should probably take a look at these yoga charts that will explain the benefits of yoga and how to do the basic poses:

1 Yoga Benefits

Yoga BenefitsYoga can improve your posture and increase your libido. It can even lower your stress and bring you peace of mind. Talk about helpful!

2 How to Take a Break

How to Take a BreakWhen you take a yoga class, you don't want to disturb your fellow students. That's why you should be careful with how and when you take a break.


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3 Yoga Cures for Life

Yoga Cures for LifeThere are yoga moves meant to help you focus, meant to decrease your back pain, and meant to give you better sex. Figure out what your goal is and then find a pose for it!

4 Who's Your Celebrity Yoga Teacher?

Who's Your Celebrity Yoga Teacher?Different people respond well to different types of teachers. That's why you should use this chart to figure out which celebrity to follow.

5 Six Branches of Yoga

Six Branches of YogaDo you know the six branches of yoga? Well, it's time to learn them!

6 Complementary Health Approach

Complementary Health ApproachThis chart will tell you about the health benefits of yoga and give you tips on how to practice yoga safely. It's handy to have around.

7 Yoga Exercises

Yoga ExercisesHere are a few quick exercises that you can do. They'll help you relax, meditate, or become more flexible.

8 Find Your Yoga

Find Your YogaYou need to figure out if power yoga, hot yoga, vini yoga, or vinyasa yoga is right for you.

9 Yoga Benefits for Teens

Yoga Benefits for TeensAdults aren't the only ones who should be doing yoga. Young adults and teens should be practicing it as well.

10 Poses

PosesHere are a few more poses for you to test out when you get the chance.

11 Yoga Poses

Yoga PosesHere are a few more yoga poses you should do. They work best when you have sore muscles and stiffness in your body. The best part? They're pretty easy to pull off.

12 Pilates

PilatesHave you ever wondered what the difference was between yoga and pilates? They sound like similar activities, but this chart explains the simple differences.

13 Meditation

MeditationOnce you learn yoga, you'll probably want to meditate as well. This chart gives you the benefits of meditation.

14 Limbs of Yoga

Limbs of YogaIf you aren't sure what the eight limbs of yoga are, it's time to learn. Each one of them focuses on developing a different area of your mind and body.

15 Practice

PracticeHere are a few little ways to practice yoga throughout the day.

16 Avoid Wrist Pain

Avoid Wrist PainYou don't want to end up hurting yourself during yoga, since your goal is to better your body. That's why you need to be careful with how you position your hands. You don't want to injure your wrists.

17 Yoga Transformation

Yoga TransformationHere's one last chart on the benefits of yoga. There are so many benefits that it takes multiple charts to explain them all!

If you never had the urge to do yoga before, I bet you do now! After all, it has plenty of benefits and isn't all that hard to do once you get the hang of it. How long have you been doing yoga for?

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