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Winter Workout Clothes That Are Still Super Sexy ...

By Holly

In the summer, you're able to wear crop tops and super short shorts while you jog around the block. But now that it's getting colder out, you don't have the same luxury. Now, you have to pile on layers, so you don't end up getting sick. Of course, you can still look attractive in heavier clothing. If you need inspiration for workout outfits, here are a few ideas:

1 Fitted Sweatshirt and Fingerless Gloves

Fitted Sweatshirt and Fingerless GlovesYou don't have to wear baggy clothing in order to keep warm. You can find some fitted jackets and sweatshirts that will keep you just as cozy. Pair that with some fingerless gloves, because they'll keep your hands warm while letting you show off your nails. Besides, it'll be easier for you to operate the iPod you run with if your fingertips are free.

2 Layered Sports Bra

Layered Sports BraIf you love the look of your sports bra, you don't have to cover it up. Instead of layering other clothing over it, you can layer other clothing underneath it. That way, everyone will still see how stylish you look.

3 Colorful Leggings and Beanies

Colorful Leggings and BeaniesYoga pants and leggings are warmer than they look. That's why you can still wear them when it's cold outside. If you buy a pair with colorful designs, then you'll still look stylish. When it comes to keeping your face warm, skip the earmuffs and wear a beanie instead. They always look stylish, so you can't go wrong with them.

4 Long Sleeved Crop Top

Long Sleeved Crop TopIf it's not so cold that it's snowing in your town, you might be able to get away with wearing a crop top--as long as it's long sleeved. That way, your arms will stay warm, but your sexy abs will still be exposed. It might not be a problem, because if you're focused on workouts that target your abs, they'll feel like they're burning, and you'll be glad they're not covered with heavy fabric.

5 A Heavy Jacket

A Heavy JacketIf you're dying to wear your crop top, just bring a jacket with you. That way, you can leave a lot of your skin exposed if you get hot, but if you end up freezing, you'll have something to cover your entire body with. Of course, you probably don't want to walk around with shorts around this time of year. That's a little too extreme.

6 Shoes with a Pop of Color

Shoes with a Pop of ColorWinter is the perfect time to wear all black. After all, it absorbs heat, which means it'll keep you warm. Plus, it'll make you look slimmer. So if you want to look stylish, don't be afraid to wear black pants and a black jacket. Just top it all off with shoes that have a pop of color.

7 Basic Sweatshirt and Pants

Basic Sweatshirt and PantsWho says you'll look bad when you're all covered up? If you buy a jacket with a cute design on it, then you'll end up looking amazing, even though no one will be able to see your skin. As long as your clothes are fitted, but give you enough room to move around, you should be satisfied with your look.

You don't have to pile on too many layers before you workout, because you're going to end up sweating. Just wear enough so that you're comfortable. What do you usually wear outside when you go for a run?

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